Success in this medium cannot be measured through anything quantifiable, but through the sheer force of the message conveyed to the audience emotionally.

This multi-award winning Indonesia born filmmaker spent most of his life abroad.

After graduating from the London Film School, Robin returned to Jakarta to direct his first feature film "MASKOT" with Random Pictures Indonesia. This debut film received numerous nominations and awards, including Best Picture and Best Script. Immediately after that, he joined Kismet Films in producing the multi-award winning "Gone Shopping". He has since directed short films, music videos, agency initiatives, PSAs and commercials, some of which has also shared award accolades.

Even though his strengths are in Talent direction and storytelling, Robin never neglects the visual details in his work. He is open to variety of challenges in directing.


He recently started teaching in various institutions including BINUS International University. He is a strong believer of regeneration and has dedicated whatever spare time he has mentoring young filmmakers.

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